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Best Botox Treatments For Wrinkles in Dubai at Affordable Price : Botox Treatment For Combating Lines and Wrinkles in Dubai at Low Cost.
Best Botox Treatments For Wrinkles in Dubai at Affordable Price : Botox Treatment For Combating Lines and Wrinkles in Dubai at Low Cost.

Botox Treatments For Wrinkles in Dubai

Best Botox Treatments For Wrinkles in Dubai at Affordable Price : Botox Treatment For Combating Lines and Wrinkles in Dubai at Low Cost.

These days, every person wants to look young and retain the youthful looks for as long as possible. There are many non surgical options available for those who want to improve their looks quickly, easily and safely the most popular among these options is Botox treatment.

Botox is only brand of botulinum toxin type a approved by the USFDA for cosmetic indications. it is a safe, simple and smooth procedure that leaves your looking rejuvenated and younger by years.

Over the years the emotions you make on everyday basis leave tell tale marks or lines on your face. this happens because facial expressions, especially those we make regularly, cause the muscles to contracts, other agents like harsh sun rays, stress, pollution only exacerbate the aging process, resulting in lines that make your skin look older than your years.

in some cases, these lines make you look angry, worried or tense, even when you are not. Botox relaxes these muscles, something facial lines and wrinkles. This leaves you with a beautiful, younger and rejuvenated look which leaves you free to emote as you please.

Botox is used widely for the elimination of frown lines between the eye brows, worry lines or horizontal forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet or smile lines, around the eyes. It is also being used to lift the eyebrows (chemical eyebrow lift) and to open up the eye for a more youthful appearance. Good results are also seen in the correcting droopy angle or mouth, correction of “gummy smile”(excessive show of upper gums during smiling); Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis, peri-oral lines (smoker’s lips) and reducing neckbands and chin dimpling or creasing.

During treatment very low doses of Botox are administrated by tiny injections directly into the muscle that causes those stubborn lines. Discomfort is usually minimal and brief; in fact, most of the patients describe it as ant bite sting that last a few minutes.

the treatment is usually done in about 10 minutes, and no recovery time is need as there is minimal time is needed s there in minimal downtime. This enables you to resume your normal activity immediately after Botox treatment

Within days, you may see an improvement in wrinkles, lines continue to improve for up to a month, and results can last for up to four months or more. It doesn’t freeze but softens your facial expressions. If you discontinue treatment; wrinkles lines gradually will look like they did before the treatment.

Trained plastic surgeons can help you decide if Botox treatment is needed for you. They have practices that focus on facial aesthetics, As well as detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and experience in injecting Botox.

Success of Botox depends of almost entirely on injector’s skill. It is imperative that practitioner is certified and skilled in the correct Botox injection procedure. The dosage has to be right, too little or too less can result in unwanted results.

Botox Treatment For Combating Lines and Wrinkles

Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles today. More than 3 million treatments are given every year. Botox was introduced in late 1980s and it was approved by the FDA in 2002 for cosmetic use. By 2006 it was granted a license by the MHRA in the United Kingdom.

Today Botox helps millions of people to get rid of of lines and wrinkles. This treatment works by fighting wrinkles that are created when nerve cells inside the muscles release a chemical called acetylcholine. This chemical triggers a reduction that creates wrinkles. The injection disrupts the release of acetyelcholine, which in essence paralyzes the muscle and prohibits the reduction. Within 3-5 days, results can be seen and will last for at least three months.

Botox treatment can reduce wrinkles by nearly 80%, even though patients ages can vary greatly, the age range is usually between 35 and 60. Results can be different depending on the individual conditions.

Getting this treatment is not difficult as the injections can be given by a cosmetic clinic or dermatology clinic and there is no need for anesthesia. It is a very short treatment, it will take less than 20 minutes to complete. Points for injection are marked with a pencil and antiseptic is applied. The cosmetic physician or dermatologist may select numerous points for each designated area for injection. Sometimes, the points are not located on wrinkles but rather in the area where the muscle contracts. Botox is then injected in the points marked and the release of the acetylcholine is reduced.

The most common side effects from Botox is the small area of redness at the time of the treatment. This will disappear after 2-3 hours. Swelling, occasional headache, drooping of the upper eyelid muscles can also occur, but those are not very common and patients will back to normal within a few days

Good after care advice for patients who have had Botox would be to gently exercise the treatment areas by frowning, smiling, squinting and lifting the eyebrows occasionally to get optimum results from the treatment. Do not rub or massage the treatment area as it will increase the risk of complications by spreading the product. It is better not to have alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen for at least 24 hours afterwards as this will increase the risk of bruising and swelling. It is also recommended not to lie flat or bend down excessively and not to do very strenuous physical activity

Botox treatments are priced according to the number of areas injected. Some clinics may charge higher prices in Dubai. Your should consider the price as well as the doctor’s reputation, experience and number of treatments that have been done at the clinic. Some clinics in Dubai may offer lower prices, but the quality of the treatment may not up to a professional standard. Patients should consider all the factors before selecting a Clinic or a dermatologist for Botox wrinkle treatments.

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