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Hair Transplant Dubai : Female Hair Transplant Dubai at Affordable Cost. Women Hair Transplant and Restoration Clinic In Dubai UAE.
Hair Transplant Dubai : Female Hair Transplant Dubai at Affordable Cost. Women Hair Transplant and Restoration Clinic In Dubai UAE.

Female Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Dubai : Female Hair Transplant Dubai – When it comes to hair transplants, men’s transplants are more common than the women’s are. This is perhaps because hair loss is more common in men than in women. Hair loss in a woman in many of our societies is an unattractive feature as opposed to baldness in a man. It is thus not surprising that women experiencing hair loss or baldness suffer from low esteem and embarrassment. Female hair transplant is, therefore, a welcome relief for many women.

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since the 1970s. Today, new technology along with faster, improved surgical methods are making female hair transplant popular with many women. It is, however, necessary to point out that this type of treatment is not for all women experiencing hair loss.

It is mainly recommended for women with female-pattern baldness, a genetic condition, also medically referred to as androgenetic alopecia. Though this condition is also in men, the nature of balding between the two sexes is different. For women, hair loss tends to diffuse thinly (gradual hair loss that may lead to a “see through” scalp).

This loss is limited in comparison to that experienced by a man, which is more extensive. Even then, the right female candidate has to have sufficient donor area from which to take the hair follicles. It is also worth noting that there are various causes for hair loss. They include iron deficiencies, thyroid abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, and even childbirth. However, the most common cause is hereditary.

Once it has been determined a woman is eligible for female hair transplant, the doctor proceeds to perform the procedure. He takes some strip of skin from the “donor site” (often this is the back of her scalp where there is a dense amount of hair). This strip is then redistributed to the various parts of the head, front and top where balding has occurred.

The transplant procedure may often be done more than once. Regrowth of hair in the grafted areas also takes time and hair does not necessarily grow back as it was originally. For women, however, due to their long hair, the scalp is covered with an even spread of natural hair within a few months.

Other treatments for hair loss include hormone treatment, flap surgery, scalp expansion, scalp reduction, and laser surgery. Non-surgical methods are also available. In general, costs of treating baldness do not come cheap. Hair transplant is an expensive procedure despite the advancements made. The sessions are labor intensive and require the expertise of a specialized surgeon or dermatologist.

In addition, very few hair transplant clinics perform female hair transplant. Few of them advertise transplants for women. Nevertheless, women who suffer extensive hair loss welcome this procedure as the last opportunity to regain, in spite of all the odds, the dignity and pride that nature may have robbed them in the past.

Female Hair Transplant Dubai

Men have hair transplants a lot more frequently than women for the reason that hair loss is more common in men. Yet, in a great number of societies you’ll find that hair loss for women might lower self esteem attributable to its embarrassing nature, which is why female hair transplant sessions will be able to offer wonderful relief for a woman.

It wasn’t too far back that among the only useful remedies was using a wig. Happily, there exists another option now that can often solve the female balding problem. With today’s enhanced surgical techniques a female hair transplant will be a great deal better than in years past. On the other hand, it has to be mentioned that transplants are not for every woman who suffer with hair thinning.

Transplants are typically recommended for females with hereditary conditions labeled as androgenic alopecia, also known as female-pattern baldness. In addition to genetic disorders, another familiar cause of female hair loss is resulting from hormone imbalances which are seen because of having a baby, menopause, specific birth control tablets, and when ovarian cysts are present. Further reasons might be chronic health issues, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, specific drugs, and also stress and anxiety.

Both males and females might suffer with alopecia, but the manifestation varies between the two sexes. Males normally lose their hair in specific places, like a receding hairline, while women’s hair loss shows up more as an overall thinning.

Hair loss in women produces the look of a see-through scalp. If a woman is to be an outstanding candidate for a female hair transplant she must have a suitable donor region where hair follicles may be obtained. The condition and amount of hair follicles, as well as the flexibility of the epidermis, needs to be considered prior to deciding to receive hair restoration procedures.

With female hair restoration surgery a surgeon will simply extract follicles from a location of the head where there is a full growth of hair and graft small numbers of these hair follicles into the affected area. The doctor will ordinarily obtain high quality hair at the back of the scalp and then graft it to the parts of the skull where hair loss is present.

If the hair being transplanted is of low quality the operation will ordinarily be unsuccessful. If the hair is extracted from a spot with thinner hair, the new hair growth in the transplanted area will additionally be thinner and of lower quality.

Grafted hair follicles may take a long time to grow back and might not appear as it did originally before balding appeared. On the other hand, as a consequence of the longer size of women’s hair, the head will be covered in natural hair follicles within several months after the procedure.

Before figuring out if a hair transplant is a female’s greatest strategy, it should be mentioned that the female hair transplant cost is capable of being somewhat high. You will discover lots of female hair loss remedies that can cost less, but a female hair transplant will normally be between $2,000 and $12,000 determined by the amount of grafting operations that are required to be performed. Besides the price, it’s frequently hard to find a surgeon that will carry out grafting procedures for women.

If a hair transplant is just not a viable choice you might be able to locate different hair loss treatment possibilities that will provide satisfactory results. Several of these options involve hormonal therapy, scalp expansion (both nonvolumetric or volumetric expansion), as well as many others.

How Do Hair Transplants For Women Differ From Those For Men?

For years it was not possible for women to have a hair transplant procedure because of the nature of their hair loss. When men have balding they usually lose hair on top of the head and at the crown area. There usually is fairly good hair growth at the sides of the scalp and the posterior area generally has good, thick hair growth. When women have bald patches, though, they usually also experience thinning of the hair over the entire scalp area.

For a traditional hair transplant method to be effective it is necessary that there be an area of hair growth that can be used as a donor area. With men this area is at the back of the head. A cosmetic surgeon will actually remove a strip of scalp from this area of the head and then suture up the incision.

The hair follicles are then removed from this scalp patch and prepared for insertion. This method works for men because of the good hair growth at the rear of the skull which gives ample donor implants and also covers up the scar lines from the scalp removal.

Because women have thinning hair they do not have a good donor area any where on the head. Thus the hair transplantation procedure was not very effective. This changed about ten years ago with the use of the Follicular Unit Extraction method. When a doctor uses this procedure he or she uses a special device that removes individual hair units from the skin without having the remove any portion of the scalp.

The surgeon can spread out the donor area on the scalp in order to get implants without causing any more thinning than necessary. This method also allows for removal of hair from other areas of the body to use for implants. These hairs do not match the hairs on the head perfectly but they can be used for fillers away from the hair line.

This new method of hair transplantation has finally allowed women to reap the benefits of hair implants just like men have for years. Hair transplants are a very good way to get natural hair growing in a bald spot.

Hair Transplants For Women in Dubai

Hair transplants for women in Dubai : have seen growing popularity in recent times as more and more women begin to suffer hair loss. According to medical experts each hair on the head of a woman grows anywhere from two to six years at an average pace of about one-half inch in a month. After this growth spurt, hair “rests” before ultimately falling out. The hair follicle where the shed strand of hair has grown then starts to grow a new strand of hair. This is considered a complete cycle of one strand of hair, and it happens for the many thousands of hairs sprouting from the scalp.

Hair loss occurs when something disrupts this natural process of hair growth, creating a need for hair transplants for women that mirror that need in men. What can interfere are hormones in the body called androgens, which are usually classed as three types: androsteinedione, testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT). Men manufacture these hormones in far greater quantities than women.

When testosterone encounters enzymes in a hair follicle, the combination converts into DHT — which shrinks the hair follicle, interrupts the growth process and causes hair loss or extreme conditions like alopecia.

Hair transplants for women become necessary during excess production of DHT. Balding patterns for women also differ than those for men. Women tend to lose hair all over the top of the head. Before going completely bald, men lose hair in specific areas like the nape of the neck, the crown or temples.

Some women as young as age 15 have needed hair transplants for women. In addition to the DHT hormone factor, doctors and researchers have linked hair loss in women to autoimmune disorders, hormonal conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, crash dieting, certain surgeries, thyroid disorders, anemia, experiencing traumatic events, using certain medications and childbirth.

Knowing the underlying cause of baldness or hair loss in women is the key to correcting the issue and reversing hair loss. Often, when a doctor is able to cure the underlying cause of hair loss, the reversal can happen without further interventions. Blood tests and scalp biopsies are used to reveal the root cause of the problem for many women. By process of elimination to determine what is not the problem, specialists are able to hone in on the specific diagnosis and avoid blanket treatments that do not address individual patient needs.

Some of the issues surrounding the need for hair transplants for women have to do with the psychological effects that are not often discussed by either physicians or society. Most of the empathy for baldness has been reserved for men who suffer the condition.

Women are typically not taken as seriously. Loss of self-esteem, depression, social interaction phobias, anxiety and other mental or emotional conditions indicate hair loss has a significant impact on the life of a woman. It is time society, medical experts and family members of women who suffer hair loss become more supportive and less dismissive.

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Hair Transplants For Women in Dubai

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