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Laser Cellulite Removal

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What is Laser Cellulite Surgery?

Laser cellulite surgery or cellulite laser treatment is an option to remove cellulite from the body without surgery. It is a process that is great for people who want fast results and do not want to worry about applying creams and doing a numerous amount of toning exercises. Laser surgery is not an actual surgery and does not involve any incisions and is for the most part non-invasive.

The surgery may be best for people looking for cellulite removal without a huge amount o f exercise or spending money on massagers and creams. The surgery works by applying a laser onto the affected areas. The laser will target the unwanted fat cells in the thighs and other areas. These unwanted fat cells are what causes the cellulite to show. The fat that has been dissolved in the body is eliminated from the body by natural metabolic processes. The laser cellulite treatment is not done in just one procedure.

Cellulite removal by lasers is done in approximately ten procedures. The procedure is done in an outpatient setting, where you will be able to leave the same day. The treatment will occur over three to four months. The surgery is safe and should cause no harm to the skin. If there is an adverse reaction to the first procedure, other laser cellulite treatments should not be done. The surgery should be done by a licensed practitioner. Ensuring that the procedure is done by a professional will offer a less likely chance of harm to you and your skin.

Why Laser Cellulite Treatment is Popular : This treatment is the ideal way to remove cellulite which cannot be shed easily by dieting or workouts. Compared to men, women are more susceptible to cellulite formation as their skin is more delicate and softer.

Laser cellulite treatment has many significant advantages. Some of the benefits worth mentioning are:

  • Visible cellulite reduction through a single treatment session
  • The procedure is safe, efficient and quick with negligible side effects
  • Less invasive surgical process with no significant bleeding, scars or severe bruises
  • Regular activities can be continued without a break
  • Promotes new collagen growth which in turn enhances elasticity, smoothness and thickness of the skin
  • Results last for a long period
  • Enhances self-confidence

How to Find Whether You Are a Candidate for Laser Cellulite Treatment : The FDA approved cellulaze treatment is suitable for all body types. However, to ensure the best results, it is necessary to understand the basic facts about the procedure and check whether you are an ideal candidate for cellulite reduction surgery. Some requirements are:

  • You must be healthy with no medical issues
  • Must maintain adequate body weight
  • Must have visible deposits of cellulite
  • Must maintain realistic expectations

Laser Cellulite Treatment Dubai

Laser cellulite treatment is the latest method used in eradicating that ugly looking, orange peel appearance in your skin. Cellulite causes embarrassment for those who have it. Probably you know people, especially women, who became stop wearing shorts or two-piece swimming suit, because of those ugly sights along their lower thighs, abdomen and butts.

Laser cellulite treatment is the newest and most sophisticated cure for cellulite. It uses radio frequency waves within the infrared range. Infrared radiation is longer in wavelength than that of the visible light but shorter than that of the microwave and terahertz radiation. A gadget is used to introduce those waves directly under the skin. It must precisely be 1.5 cm deep only.

When applied, it was shown that the radio frequency waves generate heat and eventually melt the fatty cells. Note that cellulite is due to the protruding build-up of irregular fatty cells and their connective tissues that already lost their elasticity. In order for laser cellulite cure to be more effective, treatment centers usually combine it with deep skin massage using paddles that deliver the waves into the affected areas.

Variations also exist as to the combination of those cellulite treatments. Sometimes, creams and oil are also applied topically over the affected skin to further hasten the treatment period.

Laser treatment against cellulite is totally non-invasive. This means that no surgical procedures are used, such as those found in several liposuction methods. Being non-invasive, it requires no recovery period. Laser treatment can be categorized into two types, namely laser toning and cold-laser massage. The former includes the introduction of the laser light energy beneath the skin and causes small wounds to form along the connective tissues surrounding the fatty cells. These wounds develop new collagen that fills up the uneven layers. The skin becomes tightened, thereby eliminating that corrugated look of the affected skin surface.

The cold-laser massage technique uses small equipment that generates suction massage movements. These vibrations improve the lymphatic condition by draining the affected areas of fluids retained because of toxins. Note that the primary role of our lymph nodes is to flush the toxins and excess fluids out of our body. They also serve as our second line of defense, swelling once harmful foreign organisms invade the circulatory system. The desired effect happens when new healthy collagen builds up, eventually tightening the skin layer and eliminating those corrugations on the surface. The skin surface is smoothened and the dimpled look is reduced.

To be effective, though, medical experts advise that a minimum of 10 sessions should be undertaken. On the average, a single session lasts for 30-40 minutes. Many factors also contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment. Your natural body reaction plays a major role in speeding up the elimination of the cellulite. Also, various parts of our body, with their respective structure and physiology, react in different ways too.

When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, laser cellulite treatment becomes a fast and effective way of removing cellulite.

Laser Cellulite Treatment Dubai

Cellulite is an ever-growing concern for many of the female population today – the dimpled effects caused by cellulite in the thighs, hips and buttocks of women is something they all wish to be rid of. The main methods of preventing cellulite growth are maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, exercising, reducing tension and increasing overall body circulation.

However, for those fighting a prolonged and losing battle, laser cellulite treatments can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite removal with lasers is a revolutionary procedure that helps to reduce the visible signs of cellulite. The treatment combines massage with laser light in order to facilitate the tightening of skin.

The laser cellulite treatment is focused on the underlying causes of cellulite, which include local obstruction or denatured fibrous cellular membranes, abnormal body fat cell enlargement, and poor blood supply and waste removal. The treatment integrates a low-energy laser, a skin-cooling mechanism, and suction massage to stimulate collagen, circulation, and lymphatic drainage to reduce cellulite.

Six laser diodes stimulate the skin by promoting microcirculation and regenerating the blood vessels between the skin layers. Radio frequency waves are emitted into the skin that in turn heat and melt the fatty cells. Then the localized area is cooled, reducing any abnormal fluid collection. The rhythmical massage then pumps out the accumulated fluids that are common in cellulite. Since laser cellulite treatments are non-invasive, minimally painful, and there is no recovery time involved, they are an appealing option for many people.

The treatment can improve the appearance of cellulite by up to 83% depending on the laser and the procedure. The procedure revitalizes the skin, making you look younger and more radiant. Removing cellulite with the use of lasers is fast and it is a painless process. In addition, laser cellulite treatments do not cause any side effects, thus requiring no recovery period. Nevertheless, if you wish to save time and are unwilling to undergo the tiresome tasks required by the other cellulite removal techniques, and the steep cost is not an issue with you, then laser treatment is the best choice for you.

A total of 10-15 laser cellulite treatments, in 2-3 sessions a week over a span of 2-3 months, can help you to reduce unwanted cellulite, laser treatment are not a cure. The best results are obtained by undergoing the procedure along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These treatment plans are optional procedures, therefore will not qualify for benefit coverage by most health insurance policies.

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Laser Cellulite Removal Dubai

Laser Cellulite Removal Dubai : Laser Cellulite Treatment Dubai : Best Laser Cellulite Removal Specialist in Dubai. Check Price, Cost, Reviews & Treatment Details of Laser Cellulite Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Laser Cellulite Removal Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Laser Cellulite Removal Treatment.

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