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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation — Permanent Lip fillers, Lip Surgery in Dubai : Lip Augmentation or lip surgery is a cosmetic procedure to get fuller and plumper lips. An advanced lip fillers, lip injections, Lips reduction surgery and lip augmentation at low cost in Dubai UAE.

Lip Augmentation — Permanent Lip fillers, Lip Surgery in Dubai : Lips are the most important aspect of the face. The lip shape determines the overall appearance of individuals face. People with large lips are not happy and sometimes teased by friends and colleagues; on the other hand, people with thin lips are also not satisfied, as it is less attractive. However, both the issues can be easily resolved with the lip augmentation, lip reduction surgery and lip fillers procedures done at La Belle. Our aesthetic clinic provides the best lip surgery services at affordable cost for the people who want to enhance their look.

Lip Augmentation
We provide Lip Augmentation and Lips reduction procedures help you to get the lips that you always wanted. If you have thick lips, then lips reduction is the best procedure, while lip augmentation is recommended to achieve fuller lips. We use the latest and approved technology to give the exact results that you desire. Our experts evaluate and determine the time period required to gain results. It takes six weeks to six months for appropriate results with with lip reduction surgery.

To get fuller and plumper lips, lip injections, fillers are given to increases the lips size. Various lip fillers are available and depending upon the client’s requirement we give them the best suiting fillers. We, at La Belle, cater the world class treatment at a decent price.

Lip Augmentation Procedure in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai
The lip enhancement procedure also takes care of Cleft Lip and Palate. This condition is congenital, however, dealt with surgery. With surgical lip augmentation procedure and proper care, children can be restored to normalcy. Some cases involve sequential procedure at appropriate intervals in combination with speech therapy.

Lip Fillers and Lip Injections
Lip injections, semi-permanent lip fillers are used to augment the lips. Fats or dermis-fat grafts are also used in this treatment. Moreover, the white line, dry lip and wet lip area and muscle can be enhanced with this procedure. Asymmetrical lips or notch due to trauma or surgery can also be corrected. In the case of semi-permanent fillers or fat injections, one need to take repetitive injections.

Lip Surgery Duration of procedure The procedure can last for 30 min to 2 hours.

Anesthesia: Sedation with local or general anesthesia is given. The anesthesia depends on the type of procedure.

Possible Side Effects of Lip Augmentation Surgery : Bruising/swelling

Lip Surgery Cost in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

At, La Belle we evaluate and understand the exact requirements of the client, and then proceed with the treatment. We comparatively take lip fillers cost with no compromise in the services.

FAQ’s – Lip Augmentation

Are Fillers safe to use in Lip Augmentation?

Yes, it is a safe option to achieve fuller lips.

For how long do the results last?

The results are long lasting and depend on the type of lip injections, lip fillers you go for. At La Belle we have variety of fillers to help you gain the long lasting results you want.

Are there any side effects with lip surgery?

The side effects of lip surgery, lip reduction surgery are minimum and dissolve in few days. With proper care you can even eliminate them.

Is Lip Augmentation a painful procedure?

Lip Augmentation or Lip surgery is not a painful procedure, however, you might experience little stings while injecting the filler which is bearable.

How much does Lip surgery cost?

At La Belle, lip augmentation or lip surgery cost is not expensive and you can have it done within your budget and cost.

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