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Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai UAE. Best Pediatric Dermatology Clinic and Pediatrics Doctors in Dubai UAE.
Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai UAE. Best Pediatric Dermatology Clinic and Pediatrics Doctors in Dubai UAE.

Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai

Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai UAE. Best Pediatric Dermatology Clinic and Pediatrics Doctors in Dubai UAE.

Pediatric dermatology is the area of medical science dealing with the skin, nails, and hair of children. In this area, the dermatologist will have especially strong skills and experience in working with children. Often, small rashes, pimples, and even discoloration of the skin can occur and worry parents. A family doctor may not have enough information or may not be qualified to offer a treatment option, but these specialists can. Seeking one out is a good idea in various cases, especially when conditions are chronic or reoccurring without any obvious cause.

Rash Treatment

Even babies can suffer from rashes, and when they do, the rash can be painful and very worrisome to parents. If your child has one that you are unable to determine the cause of, seek out a specialist in pediatric dermatology. The individual will work with you to test the skin and identify the problem. It could be an allergic reaction to something. In other cases, the condition may be a more chronic problem, such as eczema. It is better to find out the cause than to keep treating it with the wrong or ineffective medications.

Conditions to Worry About

Individuals sometimes come to these specialists when they are dealing with a more complex concern. Chicken pox is one of them. Others include MRSA, ringworm, and scabies. Hives is another condition to seek treatment for in an emergency manner since this condition can be life threatening in some instances. Ultimately, if the child is suffering from a high fever, is lethargic or is otherwise ill, visit an emergency room for immediate treatment. Then, seek out a dermatologist to find out what happened and what you can do to avoid further problems.

Acne and Teens

From preteens on up, these professionals can offer help for the treatment of acne. Acne may seem like just a normal stage of life but for some individuals it is intense and even painful. It can leave behind scarring, too. Because each little pimple is an infection, the body’s immune system may be more at risk when an individual has large outbreaks. Because of this, it is a good idea to seek out the help of a dermatologist for medications or other treatments to reduce the inflammation and pain.

In pediatric dermatology, the ultimate goal is to improve the condition of a person’s hair, skin, or nails. However, when dealing with children, it is also important to be compassionate and willing to work with the individual through all of their concerns. By doing so, it may be possible to help them to get through the problem and the appointment with ease and comfort. Look for a provider that makes the entire process lighthearted and worry-free for the child.

Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai

With the abundance of common skin rashes and dermatological problems than can affect newborns, parents have reason for being cautious in these matters. Dermatological issues can be as simple as a benign, self-limited condition of acne neonatorum. They can also bear the complications of neonatal sepsis, a blood infection that crops up in infants less than 90 days old. For the one condition, acne neonatorum, treatment can be as simple as a daily cleansing with soap and water. For the second listed skin rash, neonatal sepsis, evaluation may include a blood work, relative protein counts, and a spinal tap. Treatment may involve antibiotics and a hospital stay.

The risk factors pertaining to newborn skin rashes are broad, ranging, as has been noted, from minor to complex. This article provides parents with an overview of several types of rashes and dermatological problems that can affect newborn children. Without prescribing exact diagnostics and answers, the content herein aims to increase your competence in recognizing the signs and symptoms that accompany various infections that reveal themselves via skin abrasions, rashes, and other dermatological problems.

No article that is designed to educate non-medical personal can take the place of a visit to your child’s pediatrician. This article is about enabling you to better relate the conditions of a given rash to the appropriate child care professionals. The goal is that you may be more able to distinguish among rashes that are benign in nature and the more significant rashes associated with neonatal sepsis or herpes simplex. Please be careful when making judgment calls concerning the safety of your newborn child.

Some Basic Definitions:

  • Erythematous: pertains to erythema, a redness of skin indicating inflammation or infection brought on by congestion of capillary.
  • Papules: pertains to pimple, a solid round bump rising from the skin, typically becoming crusty when scratched.
  • Pustules: tiny elevations of the skin that typically consist of inflammatory cells that contain cloudy or purulent materials.
  • Vesicles: flat, fluid filled discolorations of the skin that do not change the texture of the associated skin.
  • Minor Skin Rashes: Evaluations, and Treatments

Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum is a benign, self-limited skin rash that typically requires no treatment. This condition affects, without regard to race or sex, between 30 and 70 percent of newborn children. It usually concludes itself within two weeks of onset. The physical rash includes a blotchy erythematous halo that surrounds small one to three mm white-yellow papules, pustules, and vesicles. The rash can occur anywhere on the body. In the event that the rash lingers beyond two weeks, consider consulting with a dermatologist.

Acne Neonatorum resembles the same acne rash condition that is common among many adolescents. It typically appears within the first month of a newborn’s life. It is usually distributed over the entire facial area, including cheeks, chin, and forehead. Acne Neonatorum is another benign skin condition that typically self-limits within three months. Deal with minor cases by applying daily cleansings with household soap and water. In some circumstances, you should introduce a mild application of 3% salicylic acid. As always, severe or persistent cases may indicate the need to consult a dermatologist.

Milia is yet another self-limited skin rash condition that typically requires no treatment. The condition affects from forty to fifty percent of all newborns. It is not conditional to race or sex. Resolution is typically within four to five days, but may extend into weeks. Milia consists of pearly white, papular lesions that usually appear on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Evaluation seldom requires lab studies.

Transient Neonatal Pustular Melanosis pops up in from 0.2 to 4% of newborns. The infection rate is doubled among black infants. The situation is limited to the neonatal period. The lesions typically appear in random clusters over the entire body, including shins, nape of neck, and lower back. The lesions are characterized in three stages beginning with nonerythematous pustules, followed by ruptured vesiculopustules and scale, and ending in hyperpigmented macules. There are some similarities between the nature of Transient Neonatal Pustular Melanosis and pustulovesicles of herpetic origin. Take care to have this condition checked by a professional.

Skin Rashes That Extend Beyond Dermatological Problems. Please note that this article is not attempting to teach you how to treat the following conditions. For that reason we mention them only by name and a brief description.

Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis or Cradle Cap begins early and can last up to three years. The symptoms involve greasy, scaling patches of redness, fissuring, and sometimes weeping skin lesions. Treatment is self-limited, but can be managed by shampooing with agents that contain sulfur.

Herpes Simplex is a worldwide prevalent genital HSV that involves blistering, mucocutaneous lesions, respiratory distress, and seizures. Adequate treatment demands professional care.

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Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai

Pediatric Dermatologist Dubai : Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai UAE. Best Pediatric Dermatology Clinic and Pediatrics Doctors in Dubai UAE.

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