Rosacea Skin Treatments in Dubai : Rosacea Laser Treatment in Dubai UAE. Rosacea Treatment, Types, Cost, Price, Causes, and Symptoms

Rosacea Skin Treatments in Dubai : The right time to call in for the services of a professional to control the spreading of Rosacea and also to confirm that you are indeed suffering from this disorder is when you find the following symptoms. If you find that you have facial blushing and it is more frequent than usual or/and when you skin has scaly blotches combined with redness and pimples that you cannot get rid of, it is time to get professional help.

Sometimes you may even have to consult a doctor if you find that your cheeks are red without sunburn being the cause and persistent acne should also need a second opinion. Most of the time Rosacea can be wrongly diagnosed as acne and the treatment could worsen the skin condition even further, hence it is advised to visit a dermatologist if you have one or more reasons of the above.

Medical Treatment of Rosacea can vary from one individual to another and depending on your condition a dermatologist can prescribe different treatment to control the disorder. Some of the medical treatments that are prescribed are: Antibiotics, Azelaic Acid, Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists, Estrogen and Laser Treatment.

Antibiotics can be of two types – oral and topical. These antibiotics can help in controlling inflammation caused by Rosacea and is helpful in treating the disorder in the initial stages. Azelaic Acid has been approved by the FDA for topical use on the skin and can help to control inflammation of pimples in cases of early or moderate Rosacea.

Beta-Blockers and Alpha Antagonists are effective in reducing flushing as they have more effect on the blood vessels; though these Beta-Blockers were primarily used in treating heart disease and blood pressure, they have also been used to reduce hot flashes that occur during menopause. We all know that Estrogen is a female hormone and it is used in the treatment when Rosacea is aggravated by the hot flashes occurred by menopause and this treatment is stopped the moment these hot flashes disappear.

Laser Treatment is most effective as they are used to help rid the skin of blood vessels that are dilated. Laser Treatments are also good for removing the excess tissue of the nose in the more advanced stages of Rosacea.

Rosacea Skin Treatments in Dubai

If you suffer from rosacea or you think you may, the best thing that you can do for your condition is to seek an early diagnosis and look for effective rosacea skin treatments.

It may be possible to reverse your symptoms or condition if you are able to find a suitable treatment quickly. Rosacea skin treatments can reduce the obvious symptoms even when the condition is in the later stages of development, although there appears to be no known cure at this stage.

A study of 1800 patients has revealed that 87% noticed a reduction in their symptoms and a change in their appearance after finding and using a range of rosacea skin treatments.

Simple oral medications and topical creams may help you with your condition, while others may need therapies such as laser treatment in order to see an improvement. When a case is quite severe, a dermatologist may even recommend a combination of treatments to help alleviate the situation.

Many of the antibiotics and over the counter medications will take quite a few months to have a positive effect on your skin condition. When they start to work effectively, you will notice the pustules and red bumps reduce dramatically.

It appears that rosacea skin treatments involving oral medication work faster to reduce redness, swelling and lesions. Some of the oral antibiotics that may be recommended to you could include:

  • Doxycycline
  • Erythromycin
  • Tetracycline
  • Minocycline

Glycic acid is often contained in a range of washes, peels and creams and has proven to be quite effective in the treatment of rosacea.

When doctors are presented with a severe case of rosacea they may recommend rosacea skin treatments that contain Isotrentinoin, as this will help to reduce skin thickness, which is a characteristic of rosacea. You will not be able to use a product such as this over the long-term, as it does have its own set of side effects.

You may have experienced some swelling in the eyelids or redness in the eyes if you also suffer from rosacea. You will need to treat the eyes with eye drops or a wash to improve this nasty symptom of rosacea.

One of the most common rosacea symptoms is the redness in the face, along with the appearance of red blood cells under the surface of the skin. Rosacea skin treatments can help to reduce the appearance of these blood vessels, as well as reduce the redness.

Rosacea Laser Treatment in Dubai

Medical experts have approved the use of Rosacea laser treatment in Dubai as the best solution in treating the Rosacea condition. Using the laser has been in a long run for treating skin problems. The treatment also known as IPL intense light therapy, probably the most used of all treatment in decades, is not only for specific skin diseases but also for some diseases like cancer.

Chronic skin condition that is described with red spots on the skin with some severe inflammation and itchy feeling is called Rosacea. It is a skin condition caused by unhealthy lifestyle such as long exposure to sun, emotionally related stress, hot climate, cold wind, and excessive workouts. These causes were established as a result of a research study done by the National Rosacea Society. Aside from these, doing self medication could be one of the added factor for developing Rosacea.

People who have light Rosacea condition may have an alternative solution to their skin problem. There is this so called photo facial rejuvenation. It is considered to be one of the most successful anti-aging solutions. It can erase skin damages and treat a variety of skin like Rosacea just like what Rosacea treatment could give. But although it really helps, this kind of treatment is specialized in removing wrinkles, firming the skin and correcting other age related skin defects.

Rosacea laser treatment in Dubai is one of the effective ways to treat Rosacea. It helps to remove dilated blood cells on the face, decreases the persistent redness of the skin and the thickening of inflammation on the nose and cheeks or also called as rhinophyma.

If the patient chose to undergo Rosacea laser treatment, there are some important factors to be considered. The patient should know that undergoing such laser treatment may or may not cure the Rosacea condition. Although most patients say that there is a big improvement after undergoing the treatment, it may not be as effective for your condition at all times. It is better to see a dermatologist first to be sure on how severe your Rosacea is; hence and to determine your skin type. Be honest about the kind of lifestyle you have for you to to be advised of the level of Rosacea laser treatment meant for your condition.

As with any surgical techniques, specialized dermatologists and surgeons are the only people who are licensed to do such procedure. Be sure to have the best medical doctor that has the extensive experience in performing laser treatment to ensure the best possible results when undergoing Rosacea laser treatment.

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