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Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai : Check Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Cost & Treatment Details of Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment.
Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai : Check Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Cost & Treatment Details of Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment.

Skin Whitening Treatment

Best Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai : Skin Whitening, Whitening Lightning In Dubai. Treatment for skin whitening in Dubai, find doctors near you. Book Appointment Online, View Fees, Cost, Price, Reviews & Doctors for Skin Whitening in Dubai UAE. A bright complexion of the skin is always like a shot in the arm for one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It boosts your positive vibes and gives a very healthy feel. We have a special procedure called the advanced skin lightening treatment and this is done through something called fractional Q Switched YAG laser.

If your skin has lost its shine due to tan or damage caused by sun exposure or pimples then stop worrying at once because We are your one stop solution. Skin Lightening treatment is the most advanced among its types for any pigmentation concerns.

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Skin Lightening in Dubai

Bring back the brightness on your skin like never before with a skin lightening treatment.

Skin lightening has become one of the most demanding skin care services in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. These cities are highly populated and thus need special care when it comes to skin care. Skin lightening treatment in Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities have given some unparalleled services to many clients. As the cure has come up and become so popular and the results are amazing, patients too are learning more and more about it and willing to take the treatment.

Which is the best treatment for skin whitening?

Everyone wants a flawless, beautiful and lighter skin tone, but hardly have time to follow those home remedies. Wondering how to get fair skin? Try these effective lightening tips and get that lighter skin you can flaunt really soon.

1. Laser Toning Technique

Our skin is affected due to many reasons like tan, pimples, acne, etc. This results in low-confidence and disrupts the appearance too. Skin lightening treatment can help you get that bright tone of your skin back using the Q Switched NdYag laser. What’s stopping you now?

The primary objective of Skin Lightning treatment is to get that bright and bold complexion back on your skin. Post the treatment, your skin gains an even tone and the pigmentation starts to fade. The skin makes you look young and feel confident with a unique rejuvenation technique. Many individuals who are willing to build their career in entertainment have to face the camera and do not hesitate to look good.

Even the best skin lightening service treatment in Hyderabad has gained a huge number of clients and the results were promising like no other. This is due to technology and how such treatments have become effective in terms of time and results.

Pigmentation is often disturbing as it affects your confidence apart from your appearance. Your skin might get dull because of many reasons such as tan, pimples, acne etc. but, we are here to bring back its natural glow using the Q Switched YAG laser which adds an extra charm to your face.

The main objective of this treatment is to bring back the healthy complexion to your skin. Even skin tone with the elimination of pigmentation from the core is beneficial after effect of this treatment. Apart from giving you a bright skin and healthy complexion, this treatment also rejuvenates your skin making you look young and youthful.

2. Microdermabrasion

Looking for a treatment, which will make you get rid of those ugly dark spots? Consult a dermatologist or hit a spa to get microdermabrasion. Somewhat similar to smoothening a rough piece of wood using a sandpaper, this treatment uses an abrasive surface to remove the dead and damaged skin cells, leaving a healthier skin which is free of those ugly age spots.

3. Whitening Serum

Whitening Serums contain higher concentration of active ingredients, thus, reaching the deeper layers of the skin. Dr Navin Taneja, director, National Skin Center says, “Since this highly concentrated treatment contains high levels of nourishing ingredients, all of them help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin, while regulating oil production.” As compared to face creams, which contain only 5-10 per cent of active ingredients, a face serum contains up to 70 per cent, resulting in increased hydration, brightening and acne prevention.

4. Dermabrasion

Unlike microdermabrasion, dermabrasion involves scouring the uppermost layers of the skin using a special instrument. Performed by a cosmologist, this medical procedure helps in reducing deep acne scars and brown spots. Usually used for softening the edges of skin irregularities, this treatment leaves a beautiful and smoother skin.

5. Arbutin

Want a lighter skin tone but afraid of using those harmful chemical agents prone to damaging your skin? Arbutin is an extract of Bearberry plant, helpful in skin de-pigmentation and whitening of the skin. Effective in treating sunburn and regulating melanogenesis, it is safer than those harsh chemicals agents. Miraculous in the quest for lighter skin, it helps in suppressing unwanted pigmentation.

6. Retinol

The most important natural form of vitamin A, Retinol (Vitamin A alcohol) is the primary vitamin used for treating damaged skin. Retinol helps in triggering cell division in the skin and thus result in renewing and exfoliation of the skin. Another benefit of using retinol is that it encourages the production of collagen and stimulates mitotic activity, thus giving you a wrinkle-free and lighter skin.

7. Chemical Peels

One of the most preferred skin whitening treatments, chemical peels, is a treatment in which physicians apply peeling solutions such as alpha hydroxy acid to the skin in order to exfoliate the pigmented and darker skin. Effective in treating facial blemishes, uneven skin pigmentation and wrinkles, chemical peels gives a full facial rejuvenation by revealing a radiant and whitened skin.

8. Vitamin C

Every woman desires flawless skin. But sometimes fear of side effects, which come along with harmful chemical treatments withhold us. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a natural alternative to harsh skin bleaching products. Either ingested or applied topically on the skin, it helps in making skin firm and elastic. Helpful in skin repair, it will give you a bright and beautiful skin.

9. Skin Whitening Creams

Cheap and effective, regular use of whitening creams may give desired results. However, you need to take precaution while buying these skin whitening creams. Avoid creams containing hydroquinone or mercury as they can damage your skin and result in dryness, premature aging and wrinkling of the skin in the long run.

Cost of Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai

Like anywhere else, there is no fixed cost for Laser Skin Whitening in Dubai. It varies greatly from person to person depends upon size of treatment are, extent of damage to the skin, number of sessions required, laser type used, experience of the doctor, and reputation and geographic location of the provider

For more information on Skin whitening treatments in Dubai or to schedule a procedure, visit us at Laser Skin Care. You can also fill in the form given to sign up for a free online consultation with our experts.

Why Choose Us for Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai?

The signature skin lightening treatment at Our Clinics is the best because:

  • The expert cosmetic dermatologists are trained in a host of skin lightening treatment options which includes the revolutionary laser toning treatment too.
  • Skin lightening with laser toning is doe with USFDA approved Q Switched YAG laser equipments.
  • Every skin is different and so is its response to treatment. Hence our doctors customize the skin lightening treatment considering your skin equirements.
  • The assisting therapists are rigorously trained on skin lightening treatments.
  • Our Clinic is centrally and conveniently located for easy access. Also the world class facilities and the calm atmosphere would relax the candidates.
  • We keep customer first and ensure that every client receives best service. The proof to this is the high client satisfaction rating of 91% and above.

Skin Whitening Dubai FAQs

1. How many sessions are required and what is the duration of each session?

Generally to get optimum results one would need, an average of six sessions and each session happens at an interval of 2 weeks. The duration of each session would be thirty minutes. Post the completion of 6 sessions, maintenance sessions would be done once a month.

2. Is it safe and does it cause any pain?

This is absolutely safe and there is no pain involved whatsoever. No kind of anaesthesia required because of nil discomfort.

3. Which parts of the body can be treated with this?

It is not just the face but the underarms, feet, hands and even the lips can also be treated.

4. Will the change be obvious after treatment?

There would be no telltale signs of the treatment but post treatment session, immediate radiance is noticeable with slight lightening of the skin.

5. What are the side effects?

Absolutely none except a mild redness which goes away after fifteen minutes.

6. What standards are being followed?

We uses the latest equipment which is US FDA approved and every session is conducted by well trained and highly experienced therapists. Personal care and undivided attention is our strength and the team believes in making sure you are at your best comfort.

7. What are the Treatment Options of performing Skin Whitening Dubai Procedure?

Following are the several treatment options available to perform the procedure of Skin Whitening in Dubai UAE : Topical treatments, Microdermabrasion, Dermabrasion, Chemical peels or Glutathione injections.

8. What are the Benefits of undergoing Skin Whitening Treatment?

Following are the benefits of undergoing the Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai UAE: It is a completely non-invasive and painless treatment. It’s a simple and quick procedure, which only requires less than an hour. It’s compatible or viable for all types of skin. Skin whitening treatment is a completely safe procedure and doesn’t cause any kind of side effects or skin allergies.

9. Which Flaws Skin Whitening Treatment can treat?

Following are the skin flaws, which Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai can permanently treat: Pigmentation either around your lips, eyes or forehead; Acne scars; Sunburned or damaged skin; Dark patches on the skin; Overall dark and dull skin; Age spots like wrinkles, laugh lines and dark circles.

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Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai

Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai : Check Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Cost & Treatment Details of Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Skin Whitening Treatment.

Dermatologists Dubai : At dermatologist Dubai clinic, you can easily find the best skin specialist in Dubai. Our dermatology clinic in Dubai is the best one-stop solution to all your skin related problems and issues. We have expert and famous skin specialist in Dubai who can easily diagnose your skin problem and suggest treatment based on your skin type. The entire procedure is simple and very effective.

Skin Specialist in Dubai : Whether you are suffering from skin rashes, allergy, acne, warts etc., you can easily book an appointment with the best dermatologists in Dubai at Dubai dermatology clinic, you can get rid of those ugly skin problems that lower down your self-esteem and make you feel inferior to others. Dubai dermatology clinic consists of famous skin specialist in Dubai who are adept at restoring your skin to its former glory.

Skin Clinic in Dubai : If you are looking to find the best skin doctor in Dubai or dermatologist in Dubai, look no further and book your appointment with Dubai dermatology clinic right away! The skin care doctors in Dubai working at Dubai skin care clinics are expert in their area and have an experience of many working years. Our best skin specialist in Dubai can easily treat the diseases of the skin, hair and nails easily. They know what your skin needs and are good at dealing with the cosmetic disorders of the skin like scars, etc.

Skin Doctor in Dubai : Everyone wants to look beautiful with a radiant skin. But due to pollution and lifestyle changes, it all takes a toll on the skin. The skin looks dull and weary. Nothing feels the same. There is a sort of dullness which lowers the self-esteem. When skin problems trouble you, you should immediately book an appointment with best skin specialist in Dubai to deal with it. The expert team of top dermatologists are sure to cure all your problems with ease.

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