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Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai UAE.
Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai UAE.


Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai Providing solutions to all hair loss and scalp problems for men and women and children, utilising effective treatments at an affordable price.

Best Trichologist in Dubai : What Can a Consultation With a Trichologist Help You With? Hair loss has become one of the most common problems that men and women deal with. While no one wants to get bald, this is a more commonly present in males owing to the presence of testosterone which converts to di-hydro testosterone. It becomes vital to consult a famous trichologist in Dubai for getting treated at the right time.

Hair trichologist help in identifying the root cause of the problem and provide necessary treatments to deal with it. Whether it is hair thinning, scalp coverage, hair transplants or remedies for preventing hair fall, trichologist in Dubai has got your back. Our hair trichologist want you to have the best treatment at the most affordable rates.

Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai UAE.

Best Trichologist in Dubai

The science of human hair is called trichology. It includes structure, diseases and function of human hair. Clinical trichology involves treatment of diseases associated with scalp and hair. But, why do you need trichologist for? Or do you need a trichologist in Dubai in the first place? All these questions are answered as I explain my top reasons on why you need to visit a trichologist:

Hair loss is a cause of great distress. There are many misunderstandings associated with hair loss. The problem of hair loss requires sympathetic handling and skill of a trichologist. There are multiple kinds of hair loss. Some do respond to home based treatments and do not require any medical assistance, some have a natural recovery, some need years of treatment and may lead to hair transplant. A person cannot identify the underlying cause of hair loss on its own. That’s why coordination between a patient and trichologist is needed.

Scalp problems are often root cause of hair fall. There are multiple problems which your scalp can encounter ranging from dandruff to other inflammatory conditions. Poor diet, stress, allergies might be responsible for excessive buildup in the scalp. Tricologists can get to the root of problem associated with your scalp. He can advice you on achieving healthy scalp from the right shampoo to the right food for your hair.

Hair texture determines how your hair looks on the outside. The science behind rough hair texture is way beyond heat styling. There is a whole underlying science behind it. This phenomena can be well explained by a trichologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and will make you achieve the desired hair texture. The problems associated with hair texture can be eliminated by coordination of a trichologist and your hair dresser.

If you are suffering with any scalp diseases, trichologists can prescribe some creams, shampoo or hair masks for the treatment of hair problems you are encountering. However these products should always be used in accordance with the instructions of a trichologists.

Additional services of a trichologist include advice associated with different hair procedures. If you want to undergo hair transplant, or other hair restoration techniques, trichologist in Dubai can guide you on the type of procedure you should go offer and may offer assistance in selecting the appropriate doctor and hair clinic.

If you opt for a more temporary route such as clip in extensions, wigs and weaving, trichologists can offer you appropriate referrals. Trichologists can help you understand the nature of your hair in a much more practical manner and provide you with a hair care guide. The importance of trichologist for your hair is beyond measure.

Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai UAE.

What Can a Consultation With a Trichologist in Dubai Help You With?

The scalp issues in its early stage are easy to tackle and treated well. According to the statistics, the hair loss phenomenon is hitting hard among the population of many regions, and almost half of them are women. Seemingly the water of extreme weather conditions may be the culprit behind rising scalp issues. The need of consulting a good trichologist is now becoming necessary under the light of this growing issue in the region.

With the success of the latest surgical scalp restoration procedures, the treatment has ensured many to be the only permanent solution to scalp problem. So, before going for the surgical transplant, you have to undergo a proper consultation session. The consultation is handled by a trichologist, who has experience in this area. Think of a trichologist as a hair doctor, to whom you may wish to consult about our scalp issues rather than any general physician.

How the Consultation Works

This estimated one-hour discussion is helpful to further for the procedure is many ways. First, see how it works.

• The doctor will evaluate your scalp problem in which a detailed examination of your scalp will be conducted. So that you shall be provided with a proper diagnosis according to the problem.
• Your medical history will be examined to know if there is any underlying health problem that is causing baldness.
• The discussion about your diet, lifestyle, as well as your living and workplace environment will be done. All of it is necessary in order to point any possible reason of your baldness.
• The consultation is detailed and may take time as it is impossible to suggest any treatment unless they look at all the possible factors and the causes.
• You may require further examination after the first visit, such as blood analysis, to confirm the possible factors from underlying health conditions.

The Hair Loss Treatment Plan : A treatment plan shall be discussed, so you should be ready in advance.  Spare enough time of yours to have a full consultation with the doctor, and gather as much as you can. So that you can be satisfied enough with the further treatment procedure.  Please note that your treatment plan will be discussed and planned only after the proper consultation.

There are many cases that prove to be the contributing factors in making the baldness a headache. The trichologists explain that the following scalp problems are commonly are diagnosed in the session.

  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Environment factors
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Follicle sensitivity.
  • Sudden Trauma or Stress.
  • Thyroid Problem

Different Advice for Different Scalp Problems : Every person suffers from different scalp issues and their treatment also differs. The baldness or thinning can be extremely stressful. And, there is a large number of people who are suffering from these problems and don’t know how to judge the root cause. These issues can cause a massive lag in self-confidence for a person.

You Can Get an Advice from the Trichologist : It is quiet, not necessary to have any scalp issue or baldness, most people consult to have an advice for better maintenance of the scalp and avoid any problem in future.

  • You may be advised some healthy lifestyle tips that could help you to cover up the problem.
  • The doctor may prescribe you with a healthy diet plan to overcome any internal nutritional deficiencies in your body.
  • The texture problems exist even if you are not experiencing thinning. Your locks may seem lifeless and dull.
  • If your case requires the opinion of a Dermatologist, it would be better for you to opt for it. If the skin disease is diagnosed, healing it may defeat the baldness or other scalp problems
  • The one cause is stress also, which any trichologists can address to be bitter and must be provided treatment for. Adopting the healthier and simpler lifestyle can undo it.
  • The vitamins are necessary to maintain your scalp health, so a vitamin supplement may be suggested that can help to get through the hair loss.

A trichologist is an experienced person who knows the ups and down of your scalp. And if you are the resident of the region with some extreme weather conditions, then the trichologist better knows its possible effects on your scalp. A detailed consultation will not only help you get a better treatment but also get your questions answered. Have a FREE consultation for a hair transplant with one of the best team of Trichologists in Dubai UAE.

Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai UAE.

Diagnostic Tests Trichologist Will Perform

Common Diagnostic Tests Your Trichologist Will Perform. Procedures your trichologist will carry out:

Blood Tests

Blood gives a lot of information about what is going on in your body. Crucial blood tests may determine what is causing your scalp discomfort and hair loss. The blood tests look at your iron levels (including ferritin, iron stores), your red and white blood cells, minerals and vitamins, folic acid and your thyroid. Your trichologist will also occasionally run hormonal tests.

Blood tests will also be performed regularly throughout your course of treatment to ensure that the medication or other treatment prescribed is working effectively. You can request blood tests from your GP, however a GP reads the tests differently to a trichologist. What appears normal and healthy to a GP, may not to a trichologist who may be able to read into the results to find out what is causing your hair loss if any common markers turn up.

Examination of the hair and scalp

Your trichologist and their assistant will take time (usually around 40-50 minutes) to thoroughly examine your hair and scalp. This initial consultation helps your trichologist ascertain scalp conditions and possible irritations and analyse what may be causing your hair loss or scalp issues. Your hair can provide your trichologist with many tell-tell signs of underlying conditions contributing to hair loss.

Hopefully now you should be better prepared for your first visit to a trichologist. Here at Dubai hair loss Clinic, we’re always on hand to answer patient’s questions, so why not call to book your first appointment with our experienced professionals today?

Medical Treatment of Hair Loss in Dubai UAE : Hair Loss Medications in Dubai. Hair Loss Medication for Women and Men at Best Price in Dubai UAE.

Trichologist FAQ’s

What Is The Origin Of The Word Trichologist?

The word Trichologist came from Greece. Trikhos is the Greek word significance hair.

What Is A Trichologist?

A Trichologist is a hairstylist that is trained to acknowledge the signs and deal with issues associated with the hair and scalp. These issues consist of Psoriasis, loss of hair, Alopecia, baldness

What Does A Trichologist Do?

A Trichologist is sort of like a hair investigator. In the preliminary assessment, a Trichologist will ask a great deal of concerns. Responding to truthfully will just assist in the treatment of loss of hair making things sound much better than they truly are can just cause misdiagnoses.

The Trichologist will initially ask for a household history. This is crucial due to the fact that if the bald gene is in the household history it can assist the Trichologist discover the finest method to deal with the hair loss patient.

You will likewise be asked what your hair care regimen is, and after that an assessment of your scalp will be carried out. A hair analysis will be done if the Trichologist feels it is needed. This is entirely pain-free.

It will look like a terrible great deal of concerns, however to the Trichologist, is all quite required to make the appropriate medical diagnosis.

A Trichologist deals with more than simply loss of hair. He or she deals with scalp and hair issues that can lead to hair loss. This individual will develop a hair care strategy to keep your hair healthy and elegant.

Typically, the Trichologist can detect hair and scalp issues at the time of the preliminary assessment and treatment choices are then talked about at that time.

The Trichologist will refer you to your main care doctor for blood work when it comes to real hair loss. If there are any diseases that have actually gone untreated, this will figure out. When the blood test outcomes have actually been provided, the Trichologist can use choices for hair loss.

A Trichologist is not a medical physician, and can not purchase blood tests themselves so the last action is an essential one.

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Best Trichologist in Dubai

Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Trichologist in Dubai : Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai : Best Hair and Scalp Clinic In Dubai. Top Hair Loss Specialists in Dubai Providing solutions to all hair loss and scalp problems for men and women and children, utilising effective treatments at an affordable price.

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