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Wrinkle Fillers Dubai

Certain wrinkle fillers have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to combat the effects of facial lines. However, as perhaps the majority of us feel quite concerned about our facial appearance seeing it is the most visible part of the body, it pays to do research and understand the benefits but also potential side effects of injectable wrinkle fillers.

These are the specific problems wrinkle fillers are designed to overcome:

Crows Feet: These are the fine lines which appear in the outer corner of the eyes. They often come as a part of the aging process.

Deep Smile or Laugh Lines: These are lines in the skin that start from the corners of the mouth. As the aging process continues, deeper lines may extend from the corners of the mouth toward the nose.

Forehead Furrows: These tend to be deep lines that appear above the nose, in the middle of the forehead in the gap between our eyebrows.

Facial lines seem to become more pronounced as a person gets older, and the double action of aging and sun damage take their toll. Obviously, by minimizing the effects of these facial wrinkles an individual can look considerably younger. Hence the great interest in injectable wrinkle fillers which smooth out the wrinkles for a period of time.

Temporary Vs Permanent Wrinkle Fillers

Many of these wrinkle fillers are what are known as absorbable fillers, meaning they are gradually absorbed by the body and the treatment may need to be repeated after six months or more. There is a permanent solution however which has been approved by the FDA called PMMA (Polymethyl-methacrylate) which contains a resin used in a bone cement orthopaedic surgeons have used for some time when performing joint replacement procedures. PMMA implants are tolerated well by the majority, and any side effects such as minor pain, redness or swelling soon goes after some days.

Absorbable (Temporary) Wrinkle Fillers

Some of the absorbable materials which have been used in wrinkle fillers, and which have stood the test of time, are:

Hyaluronic Acid Gel: Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and these gels have established themselves over a long period of time as a very safe agent for soft tissue augmentation. They are biodegradable and biocompatible and require no prior skin test. Hyaluronic acid gel protects, lubricates, and binds with water to make the skin appear fuller.

PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid): This agent is also biodegradable and biocompatible. It is a synthetic material made from the AHA (alpha-hydrogy-acid) family. It has been safely used in various procedures since the mid 1990’s. The cost can be high.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite: Like the previous two agents, Calcium Hydroxylapatite is both biodegradable and biocompatible. Collagen production is stimulated in the body which has a positive effect on the skin. Collagen is a fibrous type of protein which supports and connects bodily tissue.

Injecting wrinkle fillers into the skin is an elective procedure. This means it is not life-sustaining, or an emergency treatment but rather a planned procedure to improve the quality of your life through increasing one’s confidence in one’s appearance.

Medical procedures often involve side effects and injectable wrinkle fillers are no exception. These can include: bruising, minor pain, irritation, swelling, tenderness, rash, redness, bumps, and possible infection. Within a week however the side effects should disappear.

While the effects of wrinkle fillers may seem very desirable, namely, a more youthful appearance, it is wise to find a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon and get all the information you can including possible side effects for the specific wrinkle filler you are considering. The doctor or dermatologist you consult will be able to spell out the choices available to you.

Pregnant women and women who are nursing should be cautious. The safety of these products is not known when used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also remember, injectable wrinkle fillers have been tested for safety only on facial areas, not on other parts of the body.

In view of the rigorous testing which takes place for any product which gets FDA approval, it seems men and women who are bothered by facial wrinkles can contemplate receiving injectable wrinkle fillers with a measure of confidence. Just be sure to have a thorough consultation beforehand with the doctor or surgeon who will perform the procedure so you know what to expect in your particular case, in view of your skin condition and the type of wrinkle filler the doctor suggests.

Wrinkle Fillers Dubai

Wrinkle Fillers Dubai : Best Wrinkle Fillers Specialist in Dubai. Check Price, Cost, Reviews & Treatment Details of Wrinkle Fillers Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Wrinkle Fillers Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Wrinkle Fillers Treatment.

When it comes to choosing the best possible wrinkle treatment that will deliver satisfactory results, wrinkle fillers are often considered. However, compared to other available treatments, especially to natural remedies and organic creams, dermal fillers come with a lot of side effects and health risks.

Treating your wrinkles by using injectable wrinkle fillers can be dangerous, which is why knowing what to expect is of paramount importance. Some side effects that commonly occur after the treatment will be gone after few days, while some may occur only few weeks, months or even years after the wrinkle treatment and may stick around temporarily or permanently.

Some of the most common side effects are redness, bruising and swelling of the treated area as well as tenderness, itching, rashes or pain. Some side effects occur in lesser treatments with wrinkle fillers but are much more severe and detrimental for the well-being of the body. Those include: Infection of the skin or the muscles, raised bumps that will generally require surgical procedure to be removed, open or draining wounds, allergic reactions or pain, and necrosis (death of the tissue).

Wrinkle treatment with injectable fillers has also paid its death toll. There have been reports of several deaths that occurred do to the usage of Botox (one of the commonly used wrinkle fillers). Severe allergic reaction might occur in rare cases as well, which needs an urgent medical assistance.

Filler substance or toxin can spread to other parts of the body and cause paralysis of muscles and soft tissue of the areas that weren’t supposed to be treated. Some patients also reported they sustained blurred vision and symptoms similar to those of flu.

Since you have read the article so far, you have a better idea about the possible side effects such wrinkle treatment can present. Whether you will undergo one of the available injectable wrinkle fillers or not is up to you, but being well-informed about the procedure is first and most important step in the process.

Much better alternative to wrinkle fillers are natural solutions such as homemade face masks, organic anti-wrinkle creams, natural oils, but especially the way of living. You have the best chances to prevent formation of wrinkles if you follow a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals obtained from plants and drink a lot of water every day.

Also, don’t forget that good wrinkle treatment is to stay active both physically and mentally. Stay away from smoking, drinking of alcohol, and try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible or learn to cope with them in a more peaceful fashion. All these tips are easy to follow and will greatly contribute to reduction of wrinkles and eliminate the need for wrinkle fillers.

Wrinkle Fillers Dubai

Wrinkle Fillers Dubai : Best Wrinkle Fillers Specialist in Dubai. Check Price, Cost, Reviews & Treatment Details of Wrinkle Fillers Treatment in Dubai. Best Dermatology Clinics in Dubai for Wrinkle Fillers Treatment. Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Wrinkle Fillers Treatment.

You may have heard the hype around cosmetic wrinkle fillers. Purported to be the safe, pain free way to eliminate wrinkles instantly – manufacturers claim that you can get the same anti wrinkle effects from a topical wrinkle filling cream as an in-office procedure like a dermal filler.

Like many of us you may have wondered just how any topical cream can deliver instant anti aging effects as the makers claim and still be available over the counter to ordinary consumers without any special license. If these products can penetrate skin and eliminate wrinkles how come they are not sold under prescription and administered by doctors? The claims made seem to go against plain common sense – so just how do topical wrinkle fillers work?

An over the counter wrinkle filler will either be marketed as a cosmetic wrinkle filler or a product which combines a cosmetic effect with longer term anti aging benefits. Cosmetic wrinkle fillers do exactly what that implies – they disguise the appearance of wrinkles usually with light reflecting particles or by temporarily plumping out the lines on your face.

Wrinkle fillers are usually applied under makeup and over your normal moisturizing cream after cleansing and toning. They should be applied carefully to the wrinkled areas of your face that concern you. Wrinkle fillers should stay effective all day and some manufacturers say that they can be topped up over makeup as the day progresses. At the end of the day when you take your makeup off any anti wrinkle effect disappears.

Topical wrinkle fillers that claim to have an anti aging effect as well as merely a cosmetic effect will usually contain added active ingredients. It is these added actives that work on the wrinkles longer term and – according to the sales pitch – reduce them over time.

The wrinkle filling action of all the creams sold comes from small spheres of silicone – invisible to the naked eye – which expand in contact with the heat from your body and push out the wrinkle from within. The light reflecting particles also contribute to the effect by bouncing light off the wrinkle and making it appear to be reduced.

This latter strategy is quite effective in other cosmetics – for example foundation and under eye concealers are both sold with light reflective particles to create the illusion of radiance and smoothness. Light reflective particles literally bounce light off the blemish or wrinkle and make it vanish.

The most successful of the topical wrinkle filler products use silicone which is microencapsulated or combined in nanoparticles to enable it to penetrate and perform its filling action.

If you are considering a wrinkle filler and unsure about how effective it might be – bear in mind that any moisturizing cream will ‘fill’ out wrinkles though the simple tactic of adding moisture to the skin. Skin that is moisturized will appear less wrinkled, dewy and radiant. Dry skin wrinkles more easily and looks more lined and dull. If you already moisturize your skin you have to try to work out how much more of a wrinkle filling effect you are going to get from the addition of the silicone.

But what about the wrinkle fillers that offer a long term anti aging benefit as well – how do they work? The simplest answer is – exactly the same as any other anti wrinkle cream. Many topical wrinkle fillers include the same ingredients you will find in any skin care product for mature skin: hyaluronic acid to attract moisture and enhance cell renewal and essential fatty acids like avocado oil to strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier and retain hydration in the skin cells. If you already use an anti aging moisturizer or a good hydrating cream you are unlikely to gain much benefit from adding another cream with more of the same ingredients.

Most topical wrinkle fillers are more properly thought of as cosmetic products – although there are some exceptions and the technology is advancing all the time. Certainly as things stand at the moment no topical wrinkle filler can deliver the same instant anti aging effect as an injectable filler. But then the cosmetic filler comes at a much lower price and without the discomfort or the risk of a cosmetic procedure like a dermal filler.

In the end as a consumer you should make up your own mind after careful research and based on what you want to get from your anti aging product.

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Wrinkle Dermal Fillers Dubai

Wrinkle Fillers Dubai : Best Wrinkle Fillers Clinic in Dubai. Check Price, Cost, Reviews & Treatment Details of Wrinkle Dermal Fillers in Dubai UAE.

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